300 Shields from Playbonds: slot game review


If you want be transported to the time of Leonidas and the famous Battle of Thermopylae, you have a good chance to do it by playing 300 Shields, the slot game which you can find at Playbonds Casino. It’s hard not to like this game, from the music to the very well made game mechanics, you will for sure enjoy it a lot once you start playing it.

This remarkable story of heroism and self-sacrifice, where few made a stand before an enormous army, and where courage and bravery managed to delay the great persian empire of the time.

I cannot hide that I am a fan of both the original story and its film adaptation, so it is very special for me to immerse myself in this world and if you know the history you will feel like me with this slot machine game.
In this game you will come across groups of arrows, shields and greek letters, obtaining a great animation as a special surprise if you manage to align more than one shield. Not only the shields have a beautiful animation, also when you align triremes and archers you will find awesome surprises which are not so frequent in this slot machine world.

300-shields-slot-gameThe graphics are very well made, without any error in the form of the Greek letters or triremes, besides having very thorough details in the Spartan warrior’s face (which we assume to be Leonidas because he is the only one who can scream in that way, at least in the 2006 film by Zack Snyder).

300 Shields slot game is a five reel and 25 bet lines game, you can bet from only $ 0,02 to $0,40 with four other intermediate values. This means that your lowest bet can be of $0,02 up to $10 (in case you bet $0,40 for each line and play the twenty five possible lines in one roll of the reels).

The rules are not difficult to understand, with only reading them once it should be enough to understand the game’s main features. Besides, they are always available by clicking the Info button.

As usual in these games, we have a figure of joker that can replace any of the others to form a combination, in this case it is the figure of the aforementioned Spartan warrior which will help us to do so. Apart from this, there is a lot of fun with the rule of the free games: when you get three or more coats together you earn a number of free games where all the prizes you win will duplicate.

Additionally you have the option of using the “auto play” feature, just setting the bet amounts you wish to play and the number of spins. This will free you from clicking your mouse after each spin when you are sure about the choices of your games. If you wish to lower or increase any option you can do it easily also.

The music of the game is worth mentioning too. Each time you touch the “Play” button, a march of battle sounds with which you will feel the courage to face the Persian army with your 299 loyal soldiers behind you.
In my humble opinion, 300 Shields is definitely an appealing game, that lives up to its name and with good graphics and excellent music, it can make us play for hours without getting bored. It really lives up to the great quality of games offered by Playbonds Casino online.

Begin the fun right now by clicking here!

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