Feel like in a real casino with American roulette from Casino.com


If you are already reading this, it’s because you think that online casino games are fascinating, so today I want to show you the great American roulette that can be found on the website Casino.com, a renowned online casino in the european market.

This traditional American Roulette has all the features we can find in any casino in Las Vegas, it is a horizontally rotating wheel divided into 38 numbered segments and a table which contains the numbers from the wheel, where we can make our bets.

The popularity and success of American Roulette is based on the simplicity of its gameplay and the fact that no preparation, special skills nor any complicated strategy are needed before playing. Much of the game depends entirely on chance.

To play, we start with a credit of $2000 and we can bet from $0.01 up to $50 and can choose different types of bets: the winning number (with a return of 36:1), a third of the numbers (with a 3:1 return) and also half of the numbers in the form of odd or even, black or red or we hit the first 18 numbers or from 19 to 36 (all these with a return 2:1). All these options are laid on the virtual playing table and will be easily found.

Like in a real casino we may also split bets between two numbers, cross bets and in the corner, but that I recommend doing so only when you already have playing experience in roulette, and understand well these type of betting in each case.

There is no limit to how many bets you can place, so there can be as many different bets as you desire at the same time. The only limitation, of course will be your own available credit in your account.

Once we bet and we press play, the wheel begins to roll and we hear in a very realistic way how the ball bounces again and again until they finish in the winning cell, giving away our reward if we end up as winners.

Although it seems very simple, the truth is that there are many ways to build our bet and achieve the greatest benefits, at first you may miss a lot but as you go grabbing more pace you will see how exciting it is to combine different bets on each spin of the wheel.


The graphics and sound in the game are very well made, so as I said at the beginning of the review, you will feel like being in a casino in Las Vegas. You can even see directly where the ball ends up in a small magnified window at the top of the screen.

We will also have a small list of numbers displayed, that were winners since we started playing, so although we know that every play is independent from each other, we can play around with the odds.

So I guarantee fun, this game can serve both as a distraction for hours and hours as a practice before betting on a real American roulette in a real casino or an online one. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a lot using this amazing game that brings the celebrated Casino.com online casino. Don’t wait any longer and give it a try on its free version right now by clicking here!

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