About Daniel Da Silva

Daniel Da Silva (SAO PAULO) is a journalist and also an expert in Online Casino games. After many years, he decided to work full time building his name in the rising market of online casino games. His university studies were aimed at the business area, in which he got a degree in Administration and Business Management in 2004. Daniel was also interested in technology since he was a young boy because he was a video game enthusiast from an early age. He started writing on the technology section of his College magazine for six months. Shortly after, he managed to find a spot in a newspaper of national relevance. There he wrote a weekly column about websites or new software in a time when there was no Google, Facebook or Skype. His job as a journalist on subjects related to the internet had him aware of the latest trends and that’s how he got immersed in the world of online casino. Daniel found online gaming very interesting since he could combine the tech aspect with his profession (during his academic period, he focused in studying marketing and e-commerce). Because he had been always fond of videogaming, it was a match made in heaven. Since 2009, Daniel writes for online bingo and online casino websites with the aim to provide quality information to his readers. He is also into analyzing the new upcoming products of the casinos with critical eye. Nowadays, Daniel works as the main writer and consultant for True Bet Media, which is company devoted to provide information and marketing services to online casinos from all over the world. Besides being a successful journalist, he is also a Barcelona soccer team supporter. Daniel is an old time Beatles and Metallica fan. He is as well into local artists such as Titas, Mamonas Assasinas and Ivete Zangalo.