Two Cashbacks during November in the casino section in Betmotion


Cashbacks are a great way to play more relaxed than usual on any casino game, because you know from the start that you will get back a percentage of your bets during the game, and Betmotion online casino offers two Cashback plans during november that you should not miss.

Supercashback is one of these two plans, and it will be running until november 27th. This promotion will give you a 30% Cashback on twelve selected games from the casino section at Betmotion. Playing relaxed and knowing that some amount of your bets will come back to you is a wonderful way to enjoy your game. The games available for the cashback are the following:






The Supercashback promo for the above twelve games, is available from tuesdays to thurdsdays until November 27th. Grab this great chance to enjoy twelve popular casino games with less risk than usual, right now at Betmotion!

The second cashback promotion available at Betmotion during November (up to the 29th of the month) is for the great Taxi Video Slot game. This one is available from mondays to fridays, and will also give you 20% your losses (if any) will be calculated for Cashback. Remember that the Cashbacks have some maximums according to the loyalty level at Betmotion. For example, the Iron, Silver and Bronze category players will get back up to $40 on their bets. Gold and Platinum players will get a maximum of $80 as cashback, and the highest ranking players in the loyalty scale, that is, those who hold a Diamond category, will get up to $150 back!

The cashback amount will be credited the following day of being earned, so there won’t be much waiting to enjoy the increase in your available credit at the casino. Remember though that Cashback bonuses have no rollover.

You will have as usual, the members of Betmotion’s support team available to answer your questions about the promotions, so don’t loose time and start enjoying right away these great benefits. Betmotion is always striving to give players the best benefits and entertainment options, and this one is only one example of all huge array of possibilities that you will find if you are not a registered player already. Great prizes are waiting for you in Betmotion online casino!

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