Betmotion has a 25% bonus for you for a whole month!


Betmotion has launched a great bonus – as is usual – for its players, that will last since the days before Halloween to all of November. What’s this bonus about? Don’t worry, the reference to Halloween won’t require you to put on some disguise of a frightening creature in order to participate and win.

You will only have to make a deposit of $20 or more on Betmotion’s casino section. The bonus you get will allow you to enjoy it in any of the casino games available at Betmotion and of course, the slots games too. The best part is that you can decide which will be your prize, for the bonus has 4 different layers according to your deposit. The higher the amount of your deposits is, the higher the bonus prize you’ll get.

It all starts in the first layer, which starts at $20 up to $50 and gives you a 10% bonus. You can choose to stick to this layer in case you are a shy player or if you are a newbie on online games to start your way to become a pro very soon.

In case your boldness lets you go a bit further, deposits from $51 to $75 will give you 15% Bonus, so your chances of enjoying the games will be higher still. It is all about the fun, so you must remember higher bonuses will give you more fun. That is, after all, one of the main advantages of playing online casinos, that you get great bonuses for your deposits, whereas on a brick and mortar casino, the coins you buy are the ones you play and it ends there.

Betmotion’s bonus for this month has more yet to give to you. When you make a deposit between $76 and $125, the prize will be of a 20% bonus, so that if, for example, you deposit $100, you will get $120 to make your bets.

The higher bonus prize will go for deposits of above $125, which will make you earn a 25% bonus. This is what will allow you to enjoy the most fun and give more chances to win at your favorite casino games.

In order to get the benefits of the bonuses described above, you only need to claim the bonus at costumer service from Betmotion, by mentioning the “Progressive Bonus” promotion. Once you do this, the fun will be waiting for you at Betmotion. Don’t miss this wonderful chance, go to one of the greatest online casinos by clicking here now!

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