Betmotion dares you to delve among Trolls in this slot game


The featured review for August is about a fantasy world slot game. Trolls have appeared before on this site as characters in another slot game review, specifically in Legend of Terra. Whereas that game is set in a fairy-tale world with a varied array of characters such as knights and princesses, Trolls is wholly populated… well, by trolls. It is available at, and designed by Netent, a renowned company in casino game design and production.

¿How long has it been since you last encountered this type of fantasy character? If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, of course you remember the evil and ugly ones which came from the world of darkness to catch the heroes. However, in the Trolls slot, you will encounter instead the more cartoonish looking trolls and goblins which could make you remember the 1986 movie Labyrinth starring Jennifer Conelly and David Bowie.

Trolls is a five reel and 20 betlines game, with different symbols to increase your chances of winning, such as the Wild, Golden Wild, and Scatter. You will be able to choose seven different coin values, the lowest one of them being $0.01 and the highest one $1.00. You can also choose to play in four different bet levels.trolls-ss-2

So the options are not lacking here and the game is guaranteed to give you a lot of fun with this ghoulish but somehow cute characters. The aesthetics of the game is that of an enchanted forest, with sounds of different birds and moving leaves in the background, and every now and then some mysterious groan, which – no doubt about it whatsoever – belongs to some of these strange creatures lurking unseen to you behind some heavy vegetation. Never mind about them and don’t get scared, just keep playing and your reward will come soon enough.

The main symbols to combine in the game are letters formed with tied sticks and of course, the Trolls themselves, which by the way, all have quite notorious noses compared to other features from their faces.

You will find in the game itself the different values of each symbol or character in the paytable, available at the bottom left in the game screen. Whenever the spin of the reels makes you end up with a Wild, Golden Wild or Scatter symbol, feel happy for they will increase your winnings. Wild symbol will substitute every other symbol and multiply x2 the prize, whereas Golden Wild will also substitute for every other symbol and multiply the result by 4, which is not bad at all.

trolls-paytable-betmotionScatter symbol will pay you the total bet times the multiplier, and if you happen to strike three Scatter symbols on a single spin, you will earn 10+ free spins. The rest of the game details will be clear to you after some spins, and various game features will enable you to adapt your playing. For example, the Max Bet button will make you play at the maximum bet level with all bet lines activated. On the other hand, the Auto can be used to play automatically the number of rounds you have set previously.

Just dive in this world of fairy tales with Trolls slot game, and let chance make you enjoy wonderful prizes and feel a great excitement. Good graphics, although not state of the art, and reality driven sound effects, will guarantee the enjoyment for you. When it comes to having some fun, it is more than enough. ¡Play right now the Trolls slot game at!

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