Craps – General Aspects Of The Game


Many Hollywood movies show Craps tables (also known as rolling dice or shooting dice) in scenes that take place in a typical Las Vegas style casino. They show a lot of people cheering with excitement, shouting and jumping every time somebody rolls the dice, more excited than in any other casino game. This is the typical environment surrounding a table of Craps, especially in America.

This is because Craps has a wide variety of betting options and allows many secondary bets and hands within the major hand. You can read all about them in our articles. Also, people don’t play against each other, as in other games such as poker. In this sense, Craps is similar to Roulette, where a player’s gain doesn’t mean a loss to the other players.

While in Europe the most popular casino game is Roulette, in America Craps is by far the king of the casino table games. Arguably, this is because in the U.S. roulette has a double zero, which means one more number compared to European roulette, and this translates into lower winning odds. When throwing two dices you can roll one out of 36 possible number combinations, this means best odds than those in American roulette (which has 1 in 38).

Although etiquette and formality must be observed at Craps, it is also true that they aren’t as strict as in other games, and players tend to express themselves with shouting and jumping, supporting and encouraging one another. Besides, the fact that all players take turns as the shooter, with a different player rolling the dice each hand, provides a unique sense of involvement not commonly found in other casino games.

Although the Craps table may seem complicated your first time, you will easily find your way around it after a few rolls of the dice. Besides, there’s a single middle section, but to each side the table has exactly the same boxes, to allow for a lot of players. So in the end, there are only two main sections really in Craps tables.

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