Offers A 150% Bonus During Weekends


Grab the chance from Weekend Extravaganza, the promo at and enjoy the enormous fun at this online casino during the weekend. Through this special promotion, you will obtain a 150% bonus of the amount of your deposit during saturdays and sundays.

So if you thought your weekend was going to be a boring one, don’t miss out on this great gift from Megamoneygames. But even if you had the forthcoming end of the week full of fun, enjoying this bonus will only make it so much better!

To take part in this great benefit at you need to make a minimum deposit of $75. Aren’t you registered yet? Don’t worry, the registration process is quite an easy one and you won’t spend too much time in it.

Megamoney games offers up to a $200 in bonus through the Weekend Extravaganza promo, so this means that even if you deposit an amount of which the 150% of it is higher than $200, you will receive this last number anyway.

It is quite convenient anyway to earn some extra cash. Don’t forget, though, that in order to cash out the money of the bonus you must comply with a Rollover x20 rule.

When this is done, you can retrieve the money to use it as you wish, or maybe leave it in your account to win yet more prizes. The following week end you can enjoy this great bonus again anyway. So during weekends, is the place!

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