Monsters slot game from Betboo, play it for free


Monsters is a funny slot game that you will be able to play in Betboo, or for free by clicking here. It is a five reel and 20 bet lines game, although its aesthetic resembles more to the classic slots with only three reels and simple graphics like some fruits and numbers.

In the case of Monsters slot game, the characters are little monsters, barely known in the real world except maybe for an octopus and a one eyed cat (although not for the one eye part, of course), not that scary anyway but rather cute. The other characters are also very cute, although not recognizable figures (from this world at least!). The important thing anyway is the prizes you will win when all these characters come together in one of your lines.

You can bet from only $0.01 for each line up to $1, with four other intermediate values. This means that your lowest bet can be of $0.01 up to $20 (in case you bet $1 for each line and play the twenty possible lines in one roll of the reels).


As is usual with slot games, you have a joker symbol that will make it easier for winning some of the prizes, and you also have a jackpot and extra bonuses to make your gaming all the more exciting. The good thing is that no matter if you are high on credit or rather low, the game allows you to bet according to your possibilities, due to its wide span of bet levels available through the combination of lines and amount wagered per line.

But even if you don’t want to bet, you can still play Monsters slot by clicking here. You will access to a free version that will let you increase your confidence with the game until you feel like making some bet, which you will be able to do by entering Betboo’s website and find this and other great slot games such as Tutti Slot Bingo or Planetball.

Just click here right away and let the reels roll and the fun begin!

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