Odds Bet: The Most Important Bet In Craps


In Craps, the Odds bets is the one you place behind your bet on the Pass Line once there is a Point number defined. It is probably the most important bet in this exciting game. Why?

As you already know by now (read here if you don’t), if you win on your Pass Line bet, you are paid even money for it. This means that if the amount of your bet is 1, you are getting another 1 in case the shooter gets the point number in the roll of the dice before getting a seven.

But to make it more interesting, you can place more chips behind the ones you’ve already placed in the Pass Line on the table. This are the bets called Odds, which are not marked in that table. The reason why they are the more important bet in Craps is that Odds bets are paid 2 to 1 when the point numbers are 4 or 10, which increases significantly your chances of winning.

The other Point numbers pay as follows:

Point is 5 or 9: you are paid 3 to 2.
Point is 6 or 8: you are paid 6 to 5.

You should always play an Odd bet if you have wagered on the Pass Line during a roll, because in this way you are lowering the house’s edge. Instead of staying with you Pass Line wager, and earn only the even amount of it, the Odd wager will pay you better. This prize of course adds up to the payment you earn for the Pass Line bet.

They both coexist without any problem, allowing you to increase your chances when playing Craps. You should always place your Odds bets no matter what. It is really the one with the best advantage.

Remember, Odds bets can be placed once a Point number has been set. Start by betting on the Pass Line, then you can also bet on Come if you want, but then never forget to make the Odds. You will not regret it, I can assure you. It is curious that Odds bets are not marked in the table layout, but don’t worry about it. It’s still the most important bet in Craps.

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