Entropay.com is a company that was founded in 2003 to facilitate online payments.

Most times, when we buy online, we are requested to give our credit or debit card information.

Most of us feel uneasy because of this, and it is something that most of us do reluctantly.

Sometimes we don´t even have a credit card. Entropay is like a virtual debit card which can be used at any online shop that accepts VISA.


In short, Entropay can be your own VISA debit card, but in a virtual way, without a piece of plastic.

Entropay protects user data through various security systems and when you pay with your account -anywhere VISA is accepted-, the seller will receive your payment just as if it were an ordinary credit (or debit) card. The same applies, of course, to online casinos.

The main advantage debit cards have is that you can only spend the amount already credited to the card, without running the risk of spending more than you should and generate any debt.

Entropay and your VISA debit card work in the same way.

You can also receive payments in your Entropay account and therefore you can credit your card with it.

There is also the option to transfer money to this virtual debit card using your own bank account.

It is very useful to use Entropay to play at an online casino, because you may make money deposits with Entropay and at the same time cash out your winnings with this card.

Thus, you gain quick access to money without waiting long and complicated procedures or receiving checks in the mail.

This means that if you use your regular bank account, you can receive the money and have it at your disposal almost instantly.


Besides this virtual VISA card, Entropay gives you the option to request a MasterCard debit card.

With it, not only can you do all types of online payments, but you can also use it in all kind of stores that accept MasterCard, such as a restaurant, a bookstore, a clothing store or an online casino.

It even allows you to withdraw cash at over one million ATMs worldwide.

Just imagine the convenience of winning some game’s jackpot at an online casino and being able to walk to the corner of your own home to the nearest ATM and withdraw the money from your winning wagers.

Play with Entropay at these casinos:


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