NETELLER is a global company that provides payment services and money transfers worldwide.

It was born in 1999 and since then it operates in more than 180 countries.

Both individuals and companies alike are able to use Neteller solutions.

A main advantage that provides to online casino users is that you can make a money deposit without having to provide any financial information.

Since this sensible data is protected, the casino simply receives payment from Neteller, without registering your credit card information or any bank account number.

In order to make this, at you will find the following products that will help you to make a deposit and to play at your favorite online casino:

e- Wallet

An e-Wallet is an electronic account for paying or receiving money.

To use this product, you simply must register at the website.

Once you have credited the amount of money desired, you can use it in all types of online transactions, including – of course – any online casino.

Though registration and opening of an e-Wallet is free, some transfers and payments have fixed commissions.

You can find further information and their amount at

No matter where in the world you are, you shall be able to find various ways of loading your e-Wallet in your country.

The easiest way is to do so via credit or debit card, but if you do not have any of them, do not worry.

Most local banks offer the possibility to make deposits directly into your e-Wallet.

“NET +” prepaid card (MASTERCARD)

Neteller also has the option of using a prepaid debit card, which you can use to make online payments as well as to shop in real life stores in the streets of your own town.

The “Net +” card is a Mastercard company product, so it will be accepted in stores that work with this credit card brand.

However, unlike a credit card, “Net +” allows you to spend only the amount of money available on your card.

This means that you do not have the risk of spending more than your budget allows you to, and have dreadful surprises later.

No need to say that you can also use your “Net +” card to make a deposit at any online casino.

This way, both your privacy and financial information remain protected, because the casino charges only from available funds in your Neteller account.

Play with Neteller at these casinos:


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