Playbonds – Win up to USD300 during this whole week!

To enjoy a great casino game, it is essential that you can have an amount of certainty that you will end up winning some kind of prize. Playbonds wants to give its players this kind of confidence to encourage their fun, and that is why this week all players will receive a 30% bonus for their first deposit of the day.

But the surprise doesn’t end there, because Playbonds has yet something more to give. On the second deposit of the day, as long as it is higher than the first one, the bonus will rise to 50%. With a maximum of USD150 per deposit to be awarded (all promos have some kind of limit, anyway), there are great chances that you could start your day with USD300 in bonus credit to play at your favorite casino games from

Thus, you will be start playing knowing that you have already won something, which makes it all the more interesting, doesn’t it?

This promo will be available until March 31st, and will work for bets made in real money (as opposed to practice mode games) and for deposits higher than USD30. To claim the bonus you must contact someone from the support area at after making your deposit but before placing any bets at any of the games. The assistants will credit your bonus, and you will be ready to begin with the fun!

Remember that if you should want to cash out the amount received as bonus, you must first comply with a rollover rule x 10. Bear in mind that bets on table games at the casino area from Playbonds will not count to reduce the rollover, so maybe you must stick to the slots should you want to cash out this bonus.

As is usual with all promotions from Playbonds or any other kind of business, this promo may not be combined with others. You will get a lot of fun anyway with this promo, so click here now to start enjoying it and winning at

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