Playbonds Casino Bonus


New users of have reason to celebrate!

This online gaming website has an offer that doubles the value of the deposit for those players who make their first credit purchase. If you are not yet a registered user you can become one very easily at

This promotion doubles the value of your money up to U$S 200, so new users must deposit $100 to take full advantage of it.

Why paying, let´s say $150 to begin to play, if gives you a $200 credit for you to spend with just half that value? There will be time later if you want to buy more credit, once you know all the games and you have already chosen your favorite ones.

At you will be able to dispose of this bonus credit immediately, provided it is confirmed that you are making your first deposit. Besides, all the prizes ??you earn while playing will be added to your user account.

To learn how to make deposits at you can check the Payment Methods section in our main menu. There you will be able to read how easy it is to make your deposit and benefit from this welcome promotion.

Beware that this bonus is available only for online casino games at All bingo games in this website are excluded from this promotion. Anyway, if you visit their bingo section, you will also find many other offers to play there, too. offers several themed video slots, such as Halloween, Bucaneers or Starfire, among others. You will also be able to find Texas Hold´em poker tables, Roulette and Blackjack.

Beginning to play online casino games at means you can choose your favorite game with the greatest confidence, because you know that the credit you are betting was a gift to you made by when you made your first deposit as a registered user.

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