Playbonds celebrates St. Patricks Day with a great gift


Playbonds decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s day by giving you as a gift your third deposit of the day. This promo will be running from March 11th until March 17th, so remember Ireland’s hero by playing, having fun and winning great prizes.

The bonus that Playbonds will give you will be equal to half the sum of your two previous deposits added together. For example, if you make a first deposit of $80 and a second one of $40, the third one, given as gift, will be of $60.

Each day of the week will have this great advantage, so if you feel like celebrating celtic traditions, go ahead and enjoy, until the end of the week you will be able to get St. Patrick’s gift at

Remember that to be able to take part in this promotion, each of your deposits must be of at least $30, for it will not work for deposits lower than that amount.  The maximum bonus you can obtain through this promo is of $100, even if half of your previous deposits added together gives a higher amount as result.

To claim St. Patrick’s bonus at Playbonds, you must contact someone from the Online support section, after making your deposits but before placing any bet. The online clerk will credit the bonus to your account, and then you will be able to enjoy the extra money to enjoy Playbondsgames.

Should you decide to cash out the amount received in the bonus, you need to comply a rollover x10 rule, and once this requirement is met, you can easily retrieve you cash. Don’t forget that this promo may not be combined with other bonuses or promotions, and that the rollover rule is not reduced by playing at casino table games. So should you want to meet the rollover, you need to stick to slot games.

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