Playbonds – Win up to USD200 in the Irish Eyes slot tournament


Irish Eyes slot game is a new machine available at Playbonds that will bring to your screen all the magic and myths from celtic traditions. The culture of Ireland and other Celtic Nations holds a kind of enchantment over the rest of the world, with pop culture examples of its acceptance in dance shows such as Riverdance or Lord of the Dance, not to mention Celine Dion’s hit record for the Titanic motion picture.  Also, music bands such as the Chieftains have blended quite successfully with other kinds of styles and artists, making Ireland a reference in all that is magical and somehow fairy-storied.

But now the time has come for Irish traditions to become part of the casino games’ world, and that is what Irish Eyes does. An attractive slot game with a high number of paylines and very good visual and sound effects, you will certainly enjoy it very much, really.

Playbonds has already won the confidence of players all over the world as a great entertainment provider with the best online casino games and bingo games too. So anybody who has not tried out this great site should pay a visit to it to live the experience of

With Irish Eyes, those who love great casino games will be quite satisfied, although no promise can be as strong as the experience of actually playing the game. To give it a try, click here and discover the magic in your own home. Who doesn’t like fairy stories, anyway?

Don’t forget that Playbonds has always a great package of promotions and bonuses that will increase your chances of playing longer, without putting too much stress on your own money.

This week, if you end up as the player with the highest number of bets by the end of the week (June 2nd), you will be the happy winner of USD200 in bonus. Will you face the challenge? There are prizes for the second and third places too, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the first place, there will still be rewards for your boldness.

In case you become one of the winners, Playbonds will notify you by e-mail on June 4th, so whether you get the first prize, the second (of USD100) or the third one (of USD50), you won’t have to wait too long!

But even if you don’t want to make bets with real money at the moment, you can still have the fun of playing for free in practice mode. One way or another, you will certainly enjoy the excitement.

So click here now and enjoy!

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