– Win Up To USD300 Per Day On The New Season’s Week

Playbonds offers this week a progressive bonus or, in truth, a fantastic chance to decide the amount of the bonus you will receive. This is so because on the casino area at playbonds, the first three deposits of the day have a bonus that will vary according top the amount you credit to your account. The minimum that will make the promo start working is of USD20 up to USD40, by which you will get 20%. But it only gets better from there; making a deposit between USD41 and  60 will give a 30% bonus tests of that amount.

Bear in mind that of course, the promo only works for bets on real money and not in practice mode games. It is also valid only four the casino area at Playbonds. The maximum bonus available is of 50%, which you will get for making a deposit of USD151 or higher.

Visit now the promotions section at Playbonds by clicking here and see the rest of the percentages you will receive as bonus for each amount you deposit. The promotion described above will last from March 18th to March 24th, so don’t wait very long to start playing, enjoying and winning. You could end up winning up to USD300 per day!

Don’t forget either that in order to qualify for the promo you must have made ate least one deposit in the three previous days to its begining. To get hold of the bonus, you must contact the online support team after making a deposit and before placing any bet on any of the games at Playbonds. As you already know, you decide the amount of the bonus by the level of your deposit, so you can really choose how much you will be getting as an extra help on the Playbonds’ behalf.

Start right now by clicking here, and be a winner!

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