Poker Tips on how to be a good and succesful player


We see Poker games in the movies all the time – especially in James Bond motion pictures – and TV ads every now and then. Together maybe with roulette, poker is the game which in a way represents all the other casino games.

This fascination may have to do with the combination of chance and strategy involved in poker. Besides movies, it has found the way into great works of fiction also. Paul Auster’s novel, The Music of Chance, is an example of this.

Besides this proved popularity, there are some suggestions and poker tips you can bear in mind to enjoy a great poker match.

In all cases, anyway, poker is a game of situations and played among people. So you must never end up treating poker as for example, blackjack, in which fixed strategies can do a lot for you. You instincts and the evaluation you make of each situation on the spur of the moment are the main tools which you must use. If you start using a formula once and again, you game will become quite predictable, and this will lead you to lose your matches.

Just pay attention to your mistakes and this will help you to become a competent player. How much hands are you winning and how often do you get them? How many times have you guessed your opponents’ moves?

A way to find this answers are the tools provided by some online casinos which show the history of the hand. Each time you lose, you can ask to see the hands of the other players. This will give you a hint on how good were your guesses.

Above all, you must know that as a player you must be sure of yourself and think for yourself too. The good poker players are those who can evaluate correctly the situations they must face on the table of the game and who know thoroughly the game’s rules.

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