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If you are of the type of those who grab opportunities when they see them, you will be delighted with the progressive promotion available this week at Imagine to earn a bonus that is not fixed but which grows together with your deposits. That’s what you get with this promo.

It works very easily. When you deposit from USD14 to USD45, you will earn an extra credit of 10%. But it gets better as you climb in the betting ranges. When you make a deposit spanning from USD46 to USD95, the bonus grows to 20%, and then to 30% when the amount you add to your account is between USD96 and USD140.

Still not enough? Then you should make a deposit of USD141 or higher to get a 40% credit. And if you choose to go for it and add over USD191 to your account, the bonus you will get for free plays will be of 50%, which seems quite appealing. Doesn’t it?

There are some conditions to enjoy this great Bonus which offers. The first one of them is that it can’t be summed up with other bonuses and other promos you might have. Also, the maximum bonus amount each user can receive is USD115, so you must pay attention that the 50% of the deposit you are making doesn’t exceed that amount.

Remember as well that this benefit is available only for the Casino area at Playbonds. Most important of all is that this progressive promo will be up and running only this week, from June 25th to July 1st, so don’t get idle and grab this great opportunity to play with such a gift.

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