Slot: Bloodsuckers


Blood Suckers is a vampire themed video slot decorated with eerie graphics and special sound effects typical of the vampire world.

Since Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the XIX century novel that unleashed a worldwide furor for these supernatural non-living creatures, the spell has fallen over many generations, and will surely continue to do so.

From literature to cinema and TV, conquering one by one the technologies, Blood Suckers video slot now introduces them into online casino games for your entertainment.

This is a video slot with five reels and three rows of figures. It has 25 bet lines and is especially enjoyable for those gamblers with inclination for gothic and mysterious environments.

The graphics of this video slot have very good quality, they are colorful and appealing to the eye but at the same time they keep the dark gloomy atmosphere in which we expect vampires to dwell.

The game’s music reminds us of the sinister days of Count Dracula in his Carpathian Castle, with Central European and late baroque sounds.

But beyond vampires, Blood Suckers is a very complete video slot. Besides being able to place your wager in up to 25 paylines, which allows you to gamble high or low amounts according to your playing tactics, there are several bonus symbols that add more excitement and intrigue.

The “Wild”, for example, works as a wildcard and becomes a substitution for any symbol, so it improves your chances to form a winning combination.

The only two symbols “Wild” is not allowed to substitute are the “Scatter” and the “Bonus”.

The first one multiplies the wager you placed, and it is not necessary for it to appear in any of your paylines in order to win this benefit.

The more “Scatter” figures that appear anywhere on your screen the higher the number by which you multiply your winnings.

If you get three (or more) “Bonus” figures aligned in any of your paylines, you will automatically be redirected to the Blood Suckers bonus game.

Here the goal is to uncover several coffins and drive a wooden stake directly into each of the vampires that lay inside. You really feel like Dr. Van Helsing, the vampire slayer.

The bonus game ends when several bats come out from inside one of those coffins.The excitement of opening each one and seeing what you find inside is as great as watching the reels of the video slot spin. Blood Suckers is definitely a gripping game. You will not regret trying it.

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