Slot: Café Paris


Café Paris is a video slot game that seeks to make you feel the Parisian atmosphere through its soundtrack and figures.

Compared to other slot machines it has an intermediate level of complexity.

t consists of five reels of three horizontal stripes each, with figures which, you need to combine to win prizes. Just like in any video slot.

Cafe Paris has up to nine paylines running in different ways. This increases the chance of winning, but bear in mind that each line you add is an extra credit coin you spend.

As in other video slots, you can choose the value of these coins. You have seven different wager options: from $0.10 to $10.

These values ??apply to each line that you choose and for the following turn only.

For example, if we select $10 for our coins, and we bet at all the 9 paylines available, we will be betting a total amount of $90.

If we choose $0.10 and play with only three paylines, our total wager is $0.30.

In this video slot game each figure has a different payout.

You can check them at the table that shows which are the figures that give you the greatest rewards.

Explaining them all in detail won´t give you any important information, but I can tell you that the most generous are the Metro Sign and the Can-Can dancer.

If you manage to align two of the same from left to right, in any of the paylines that you are playing, you automatically win.


Café Paris has a simple beauty in its graphic design that is pleasing to the eye. Figures in the rollers are nice, too, and seem to belong to some kind of impressionist painting.

On the background you can see a nightscape of a typical Parisian street, drawn in simple lines, with people enjoying themselves at a cafe on the sidewalk.

Since it is a clear summer night, we can see the street is lit by a full moon up in a sky full of stars, next to the tip of the beloved Eiffel Tower.

Colors are mainly clear with a prominence of grays and dark blues which enhances the sense of calm and relaxation.

Like in one of those paintings that you can´t stop staring at.

The video slot soundtrack is just like the one you would expect in such a night in such a city; a street musician playing the accordion far away in the background.

But to be honest, the sound effect is not quite faithfully achieved. Anyway, the French-like melody constantly playing does reflect the atmosphere of the game: Café Paris.

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