Slot: Gonzo’s Quest


Gonzo’s Quest video slots is a revolutionary slots game, especially because of its graphics and soundtrack, which makes it look more like a video game than a traditional slots machine.

From the introduction, which resembles that of a million dollar blockbuster, we can sense that, when it comes to online casino games, Gonzo’s Quest is something completely different from what we are normally used to.

The main character is Gonzo, a Spanish conqueror during the South American conquest, who ventures into the deepest and most remote areas of the continent in order to find the greatest of treasures.

Its shiny armor and fierce appearance remind us immediately of the glorious Spanish conquerors, such as Hernan Cortes, Francisco Pizarro or Lope de Aguirre.

Although each one of them had a different fate, in this game, Gonzo´s fate is in your hands.

The main feature of Gonzo’s Quest is that it has the classic horizontal rotating rollers, but besides that, lots of stone blocks fall down through the screen each time you make a move.

When you form a winning combination, the blocks that form it disappear (Tetris style), and the remaining blocks fall right away into their place.

If these do not form a new combination together with those left of the previous turn, press the button for a new turn.

This innovation does not diminish the essence of the slots game, where you win every time the figures align in winning combinations on the paylines you selected.

Gonzo’s Quest has 20 paylines and their payback will vary according to the value of the currency you had previously chosen.

One of the most striking aspects of Gonzo’s Quest is that while playing, we can constantly see the figure of Gonzo on the left side of the screen.

This adds another source of entertainment to the game.

His gentle and friendly appearances and his funny movements, gestures and celebrations are hilarious.

For instance, every time you hit the jackpot, he takes his helmet off and holds it upside down to pick up hundreds of gold coins that fall from the top of the screen.

As we said, the soundtrack adds up to the visual environment.

Because the adventure is located somewhere in the middle of the Peruvian rainforest, we can constantly hear the singing of exotic birds and even insects buzzing every now and then.

Thus making us feel in Gonzo´s Quest environment, while hunting for legendary treasures deep in the South America.

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