Slot: Legend of Terra


Legend of Terra is a fairy tale themed slot machine, and it is great!

If you like fantastic scenarios, as in Lord of the Rings, with sorcerers, witches, goblins, warriors and wizards, dragons and trolls, this is definitely your game.

Legend of Terra has twenty paylines with a wide variety of objects and characters, each one of them with different payouts.

You can bet from $ 0.1 to $ 10.

As always, the bigger the wager, the bigger the prize. There are also three special symbols that can increase your winnings further beyond.

Their names are “Bonus” (represented by a heavy bearded man), “Scatter” (an elf) and “Wild” (a dragon).

If in any spin you get the three Bonus figures then you begin to rotate the cylinder in bonus mode, this means you always win.

On the other hand, Scatter is the only symbol that does not have to be aligned to win.

When three of them appear anywhere, this will automatically multiply the payout. Wild substitutes all symbols except Scatter and Bonus.

It allows more combinations and also multiplies the number of paylines x2, x5 or x10.


The figures which appear in Legend of Terra, such as dwarves, dragons, warriors, rings or shields, have a wonderful graphic design.

In the background there is a landscape image with forests, waterfalls and a medieval like palace (or is it a castle, maybe?) on a mountain.

All over the edge of the screen there are Celtic symbols carved in stone.

This quality design sets us in an adventure mood, in which it won´t be difficult for us to imagine all these characters and be transported to this fantasy world, as all great movies do.

One friendly detail is the jolly troll standing next to the game screen who celebrates our winning combinations, even at the risk of being burned alive by a fierce dragon (which gives us a bonus).

The game soundtrack equals in quality that of the graphics.

It has trumpets and solemn Middle Age religious music, enhancing the medieval European touch.

Legend of Terra is, in short, a game that not only offers the thrill of fantastic prizes, but also an aesthetic appeal that distinguishes it from other slot machines.

What are you are waiting for? Come to have fun with Legend of Terra at!

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