Slot Machines: Varieties and Categories


When talking about slot machines, we often refer to a game where the goal is to align figures in a group of rotating reels that stop randomly.

This is the basic definition, but the variety of slot games is huge and the differences between them may transform them into a completely different game.

However, the game principle is always the same.

So it is good to know which are the main types of slot machines you can find in the world of online casinos (and in real life, too).


Classic slot machines are those with three spinning reels, that when stopping, define the payouts and prizes according to the figures combination and their matching rules.

These combinations can always be seen in a “payout table” at each game. The simplest of the slot machines is the one where its screen shows just a single row of images. In this case, the only option is a combination of three horizontal figures which we can also call the “payline”.

Here’s an example of a classic slots machine:

You can find slot machines that display three rows of symbols. Therefore, these games can have three paylines. Most times, players can choose either to play with the three rows, just one (in this case always the middle line) or two.

However, when you gamble with three rows, paylines can be more than three. For example, some of these games add two diagonal lines that cross the set of reels.

This means that winning combinations can appear in the diagonals. Thus, the player can choose to play with up to five lines. The more lines you bet on, the more chances of getting a winning combination. But you will have to spend more of your credit in wagers, obviously.


Video Slots have five reels and let you bet from 1 up to 25 paylines. As you will see, the options are much broader compared with traditional slot machines.

Not all Video Slots have 25 paylines. Some may have up to 20 and others nine. Anyway, the important thing is that they increase payout chances significantly and therefore the excitement while playing.

On the other hand, Video Slots usually have more elaborated graphic designs and programming than those in classic slot machines.

There is also background music together with games scenes, generally equal to the best film soundtracks.

When a strike of luck, you can see animations and hear special sound effects that celebrate your success, in contrast to the simple electronic sounds of a classic slot machine.

Some of the most outstanding video slots at the moment are Gonzo’s Quest, Blood Suckers, Legend of Terra and Lord of the Rings.

Here are some video examples:

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