Slots: Scarface


We all remember for sure the classic eighties movie Scarface, in which we see Al Pacino playing Tony Montana, a cuban immigrant rising up to the summit of power in the mob.

Tony Montana’s story is now revisited by an awesome slot game by NetEnt, which you can play in all major online casinos. It shares its name with the movie, so you will find it very easily.

As a remake of another movie from the thirties, the eighties movies directed by Brian De Palma has a special attraction due to the other big names playing different roles.

Gene Hackman, Michelle Pfeiffer looking beautiful (as always), and the also awesome Elizabeth Mastrantonio accompany Al Pacino in this intense tale of human ambition and weakness.

They all appear in the slot game when you get different prizes, in lively filmed fragments of the movie. It is very nice to obtain one of the Stacked Wild figures and see brief scenes with Michelle Pfeiffer dancing in a night club. It only makes you wish to obtain that same prize again!

Scarface is a 20 payline slot game, with ten different bet levels and six coin values. It has very good graphics apart from the mentioned movie scenes which are seen in excellent quality. Three symbols which are called Stacked Wild award you special features in the game, like free spins, a bonus game and nudge spins.

The music lives up to the rest of the game’s aesthetics, adding a suspenseful climate while you make your spins and wait for them to stop. But music isn’t the only audio effect in the game.

Each time you get the special symbols or align a winning set of figures, you will hear parts of the movie dialogs. So you’ll really feel inside this world of wealth and pleasure depicted by the movie (and the slot game), although rather dangerous at times.

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