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spin - the - gold

Spin the gold is a game from Karamba which gives you the chance to win olympic medals even though the games are over and although you’re not of the olympic competitor’s type.

This attractive game consists of a wheel formed by three different rings with the same centre. To play the game you only need to make the wheel Spin. When it stops, you win if you manage to get 2 or 3 images aligned in the wheel’s rings.

Each image has different prizes in case they are aligned as also the prize will be higher in case you align three images which are the same instead of two.

The real treat of the game comes when you get three gold medals aligned. If this happens, the centre of the wheel will open up and different images will start to go by.

If the image that appears in the centre is a gold medal, you will win up to 10 thousand times the price of each line.

You can choose to play from one to eight paylines, which will light up in the wheel as you choose them.

All in all, Spin the gold is really fun and easy to start playing. It also allows you to choose seven different prices for the paylines, which span from $0,10 to $10.

So just get into your user account in Karamba and start to enjoy. ¿Aren’t you registered? Don’t worry, it is a really easy process and you can automatically use the $5 in real money which awards for free to newcomers.

The prizes you get to win with this free credit lets you earn real money too. Spin the gold is an excellent game to start playing in

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