William Hill Casino Gives You A Monthly 20% Bonus For A Whole Year!


If you already enjoyed the welcome bonus at William Hill online casino, or also the first deposit bonus, you can still take advantage of more bonuses. The benefits keep coming at William Hill, because you can enjoy a monthly 20% bonus for the first deposit you make each month during your first year membership.

That is, once you enjoy the welcome bonus and the first deposit bonus, the following eleven months of your first year as a registered player at William Hill will reward you with 20% of the first deposit you make each month during a year.

The bonus works for deposits with a minimum of US$50, so to earn the extra credit and in the end save money in the deposits you make, remember to add US$50 or more to your account on your first deposit of each month. The maximum limit of the bonus is of US$300, so even for an amount of which the 20% ends up higher than US$300, remember that this is the top limit for the promo.

The good thing is that no matter the amount you deposit, as long as it is US$50 or higher, you will obtain this 20% extra bonus, so you don’t need to make big deposits if your wallet does not allow at the moment. The bonus will adapt itself to you, and the fun, the prizes, and the thrill of playing at William Hill Casino’s games will be waiting for you.

Remember that the bonus will be issued only once per calendar month, so make a good use of your first monthly deposit during the first year (the time which this bonus will last). Also, some terms must be remembered, such as the fact that the bonus will be awarded if you have less that US$5 in your balance, or that the casino will not award bonuses to players with pending withdrawals on their accounts.

With those terms in mind, you are ready to enjoy the great chances offered by William Hill.

Click here now to let the fun begin!

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